Book Review – Wobble by Bruce Conklin

I met Bruce Conklin through my profile on LinkedIn.  I’ve always been in turnaround management, after working with my Dad serving bankruptcy clients earlier in my career, so we met over lunch.  We had a good time getting to know each other, and there were definitive opportunities to help each other out as we talked about the skills and experiences each of us “brought to the table” (figuratively and literally).

Wobble by Bruce Conklin

The story of “Wobble”

When we met, he handed me a copy of his book, Wobble, to read at my leisure.  Based on how well our talk went, I knew I wanted to read his book right away.

The book is 60 pages, with reasonable font size, so it was a quick read over lunch today.

The book is in parable format, walking you through the experience of a fictitious business thinking that they were doing extremely well as they grew, until they realized that the business was indeed in trouble due to rapid growth, a lack of communication, and general complacency.

I enjoyed reading Wobble because it was straight-forward and packed with some valuable lessons for small business owners and their management teams.

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