About Me

Hello, and welcome to LeeHuffman.com.


I started working at my Dad’s law office in high school doing his billing and accounting, graduating to running his office while in college.  During college, I started doing consulting for Dad’s bankruptcy clients… helping them with their mandatory financial reporting and their business plans detailing how they’ll pay back their creditors.  This led to me starting a business focused on preparing business plans for companies looking for debt and equity funding.  When the dot-com crash happened, business dried up, so I went into financial services to help people save for the future and use insurance products to address their risks and concers.

I took a year to learn some great techniques in investing and insurance while earning my Series 6 & 63 and insurance licenses before I joined a bank to learn the lending side of financial services.  After a few years providing solutions to consumers and businesses, I joined another bank where I’ve been since 2005.  At my current company, I support the Executives from a financial perspective, helping them develop budgets, forecasts, and strategies to increase revenues and improve earnings.

In summary, my goal is to deliver bottom line results by finding ways to increase revenue and be more efficient with the money we spent.


When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, son, and two dogs.

We are fortunate to travel quite a bit… but most of our trips are on the weekends given the scarcity of vacation days.  Our goal is to see a home game for each of the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA teams.  I’m a lucky guy in that my wife loves sports almost as much as I do!!!  If nothing else, going to a game gives us a reason to visit cities that we might not otherwise want to… or that we would put off for lack of a “reason” to visit.

We have traveled pretty extensively across the United States, and we’ve started doing some international travel the last couple of years… visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Cabo San Lucas, and Australia.

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