If you’d like consulting work performed, these are the following services that I provide:

Business Plan Review

You have a great idea and have been preparing a business plan to get funding from a bank or investor.  In the critical funding stage, you want to be sure that your business plan and financial projections have undergone a thorough review by a seasoned professional who understands the business planning process.

Credit Card Recommendations

There are so many credit cards available today, that you need to make sure you are putting your spend on the right card to achieve your personal and corporate goals and objectives.  Whether your goal is to maximize cash back or to earn enough miles and points for the trip of a lifetime, having the right credit card in your wallet in key.

Bottom Line Results

Whatever steps you take to enhance your revenues, they mean nothing if the bottom line is not increasing at an appropriate rate.  Through an array of top-notch consultants, we will review your business processes to find opportunities to increase your profitability by eliminating unnecessary processes and implementing key initiatives that deliver bottom line results.


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